Home-grown Fried Chicken brand @shakeshakeinatub deserves some shoutout for their creativity! Other than the original soy garlic and spicy flavors for their fried chicken, there are also 8 different in-house flavours to be seasoned on shoestring fries. For the fried chicken, I’d recommend the original soy garlic personally as I enjoyed how the mix of sweet and savoury sticky sauce coats the batter, iconic of a Korean Fried Chicken. If you are up for some spicy challenge, go ahead with the spicy that got all of us sweating, and I could even taste some cayenne pepper. 🌶 🥵 Greatly appreciated the crisp of my chicken batter for surviving the delivery!

We had Truffle, Mala and BBQ for fries. Slightly disappointed with the truffle though it’s their best seller, as it was just a light whiff. Asian-inspired mala flavour was decent, spicy though not as much as the spicy fried chicken, but I had difficulty detecting the numbing sensation. Surprisingly, BBQ was an unanimous favourite with its lovely smokiness.

Delivery charge was hefty, but you can enjoy $10 off your first online order with promo code “SHAKEIT” upon checkout, with a minimum order of $25.

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