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Dish: Earl Grey Lavender Waffle
Price: $12
Thoughts: First bite of the ice cream and I got reminded of the lavender essential oil. However there’s this subtle earl grey after taste which was really unique. However like frozen yogurt, the middle of the ice cream was hollow which was kind of a minus. Waffle was just nice, not too sweet and not too hard to cut up. For best taste, mix ice cream together with waffle and strawberries.
Verdict: 3.5/5

Dish: Sea Salt Gula Melaka Waffle
Price: $12
Thoughts: First bite was more the brown sugar rather than sea salt. In fact I could hardly taste sea salt. However as I ate more of it, it became more ‘gelat’ (too sweet) Ice cream was also hollow in the middle. Best combi was with waffle, chocolate mochi and ice cream. Somehow the chocolate mochi/chocolate wafer stick manages to offset the ‘gelat’ in the brown sugar taste.
Verdict: 3/5

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