🍏Apple Cinnamon Crumble: Spin on classic apple crumble by having it in tart form. Enjoyed the mix of crunchy crumble with sweet-sour Granny Smith and raisins - family’s favourite of the 4!

🫐 Blueberry Elderflower: Suitable for citrus lovers with the sour and smooth lemon curd. Perfumed with elderflower that added floral fragrance, similar to that of aromatic vanilla essence.

🎄Peppermint Feuilletine: Lovely mix of nutty feuilletine crisps, refreshing peppermint, and dark valrhona chocolate. Bonus points to the festive Christmas tree design.

🍫 Berry Brownie Bonbon: Rich and decadent chocolate brownie bonbons well balanced out by a sour berry compote.