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I think the Coconut Bun has been overshadowed by the other offerings at Slow Bakes. Thankfully, I spotted a lone Coconut Bun left behind at around 4pm and decided to bring it home to try it.

Texture of the bun is more towards the doughy side, as is the case with the other buns here - perhaps because it’s vegan? Although coconut isn’t an exciting unique filling, it can be tricky to execute properly. I loved Slow Bakes’ rendition of it. The grated coconut strands were long and seasoned to just the right level of sweetness. The filling was juicy, and I loved how each bite released a burst of syrup (think ondeh ondeh) in your mouth. Slow Bakes also doesn’t skimp on the filling, it’s stuffed to the brim! This would probably be even more delicious if warmed up! Would consider ordering this again if the other more popular flavours weren’t available :)

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