Went down to @theforagecafe in the FAR EAST not too long ago to try some of their honey-themed creations including their signature honey buttermilk waffles, honey-based drinks and honey-infused desserts.

If it’s too far for you, you can choose to order in. Use this PROMO CODE “TFCIN10” when you order directly from their website.

Owned by the same people behind @13honey, every item served has some element of honey in it.

Jalapeño Beef Ragu Waffle Sandwich ($20.20). One of the bestsellers and I just love how well this hearty combination works. Served with crispy bacon, wholesome jalapeño beef ragu, mozzarella cheese, sunny side up and some nachos to go along with.

The waffle size was perfect for this dish considering the medley of ingredients. It’s amazing how it retains its crisp on the exterior while the batter itself is so fluffy. The meaty beef ragu was flavourful and I loved that slice of crispy streaky bacon cause who doesn’t love bacon?

I love the honey on its own as it adds that natural sweetness to the savoury waffles.

Thank you @theforagecafe for having us!

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