It’s surprising that a cafe specializing in cream buns actually serve rather decent grain bowls. They really don’t disappoint, just like this chef recommended Fatty U grain bowl. Ah that smooth fattiness of the chestnut pork belly, all thanks to the 20 hours sous vide. I am one who’s afraid of biting into extremely fat pork belly but I am glad that this had a good meat-to-fat ratio and pretty flavourful. Served with nitamago, shimeiji mushrooms, pickled cucumbers and truffle slices that weren’t exuding much of an earthy aroma that I was expecting. A very filling grain bowl you have there!

Thank you @burpple for the invitation and @hattendo_singapore for the hosting! Pipes by Hattendo is a Burpple Beyond partner where you can also enjoy some awesome 1-for-1 main dish deals like the Pipe Grain Bowls.

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