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Sister to Coriander Leaf restaurant (currently at CHIJMES), this new entrant to the Ann Siang circuit offers Asian-inspired grills in a relaxed (but still chic) setting — great if you're looking for a new spot to line your tummy at before hitting the bars. For first-timers here, keep it safe and simple with the Harissa Chicken Burger ($20): tender and smoky tikka-style chicken thigh served on toasted brioche buns. Have fun slathering on the five yummy homemade condiments that are served on the side — options include jalapeno salsa, tomato chutney and Thai hot sauce. Other options incude charcoal-grilled meats like Spiced Lamb Sausage ($23), Rib Eye with Wakame-Koji Butter ($39) and Cobia Kingfish ($24). Sides (from $6) are ordered separately; just take heed from Burppler Dex Neo's experience and avoid the mushy charred broccoli.
Avg Price: $30 per person
Photo by Burppler Dex Neo