The good ol'banana cake smelled so good after warming up that I forgot to take a pic. Even my mum who doesn't like banana pastries adored this cake! Highly recommended to heat up as the edges carmelize and crisp while the center remains soft. Still tasted great when eating it cold :)

Fav Minis:
1. Banana cake ($2) - rich & fragrant
2. Earl Grey Lavendar cake ($4) - unique
3. Scone ($2) - flakey & buttery
4. Pandan cake ($2) - strong flavour & moist
5. Lemon Pistachio Rose cake ($3) - refreshing

Do try some of their minis (tea cakes) at the hawker stall before deciding which loafs to order!

(btw, the $13 half banana loaf seems smaller than getting $12 worth of banana minis)