Last December, Apiary collaborated with Bailey’s to offer ice cream flavours infused with Bailey’s Original Irish cream.

Charcoal Waffle ($6.50). Although I’ve been to Apiary on multiple occasions, this is my first time having their waffles. Surrounding the waffles, is homemade chocolate sauce and maple syrup.

Personally, I prefer my waffles to be more crispy than what’s served here. It was lacking in Apiary’s version. That aside, the waffles were soft and fluffy.

Bailey’s and Brownies (Premium Scoop). A great pairing of flavours theoretically. Bailey’s original Irish cream ice cream with homemade brownies. Love how they are so generous with the little soft, moist brownie bits that was prominently in every scoop.

However, the Irish cream taste was very faint. It’d be great if they were more generous with the amount of Bailey’s in the ice cream.

Bailey’s Cherry Cupcake (Premium Scoop). Bailey’s Red Velvet Cupcake with morello cherries and chocolate cupcakes. The fruity sweetness from the morello cherries were more prominent than the Bailey’s cream unfortunately.

Bailey’s Iced Chocolate ($7). At least I could taste the Bailey’s shot in this iced chocolate. Would’ve done it with coffee if we went earlier in the day.

So with every scoop of ice cream purchased, they are supposed to give you a Bailey’s drizzle cream. Unfortunately, it wasn’t served to me.