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As we get all nostalgic due to the SG50 hype, I'm reliving my entire life while eating this plate of umami soya sauce chicken hor fun. Ever since I was a wee boy of seven years of age, Ah Wing's has been a part of my culinary life due to my parents opening a minimart in one of the condos across the road. A bite of their juicy, tender and savory soy sauce chicken takes me back to the heady days when the business was rolling in steady profits and life was good. A slurp of their just right hor fun brings me forward to the days of early adolescence when I would help my mother with the deliveries of cartons of Evian or Perrier to different apartments. The tang of their green chili reminds me of the final days of the minimart, when the profits had all but dried up due to the new residents deciding to drive on out to Cold Storage. Another slurp of hor fun brings me closer to the present, remembering the Saturday morning breakfasts that I would have with my parents after I booked out from camp. And now as I sit here finishing the last delicious but of chicken, I am faced with the realization of just how many years have gone by even though the owners still remember me. The uncle and auntie running the stall have gotten on in age, and it shows in their slow movements, a far cry from their efficiency years before. I can only hope to enjoy this part of my history for a few years more. #Hawkerpedia