Excited that firebake was on burpple beyond so had to try it out after all the hype! Was sadly very disappointed by the mussels, they were puny in size, though they gave a lot of mussels to make up for it, the teeny tiny mussels were just not worth the effort to pluck out and eat as there was barely any meat. I would have preferred that they removed it from the menu due to not being able to get good quality produce. Sadly the risotto came with even MORE tiny mussels (not the usual 2 prawns that I saw in pictures) and the solo prawn was not good as well. The risotto was okay and the beef was also passable. Had high hopes for the hyped firebake mains but stick to brunch instead when heading there! Would not have dinner here again.

I completely agree!! My experience was awful :-( wish Iā€™d seen your review before going.