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Can’t decide between salted egg or curry? Why not have both! This mini wok stall at Westgate’s Food Republic is not your usual zi char stall. On their extensive menu, there are interesting dishes like this salted egg curry chicken rice and chicken cutlet hor fun.

The deep-fried chicken chunks had texture like those of a sweet and sour pork dish, especially the crispy batter. Portion was quite worthwhile for the price. I am not too sure if I like the salted egg and curry combination because the ratio was imbalanced, with the earthiness and slickness of the curry overpowering the salted egg sauce. In fact, there wasn’t much salted egg sauce, just a slight hint. No chili padi, no curry leaves which I define as the 2 most essential ingredients in a salted egg dish. But the good thing was that it wasn’t jelak. Every rice dish also comes with a fried egg and a bowl of vegetable soup.

The chili was surprisingly good; the taste of hae bi hiam was evident in the sambal. Good to dip the chicken chunks in!