Not long after its inception, RAY gives way to BOTAK:Liquor Bar, a largely similar establishment. They have retained the relaxing tropical vibes and their penchant for cocktails on tap, but with the new name comes an all-new menu to get excited about. The bar now turns to homegrown botanicals to build its best tipples, balancing the hard-hitting nature of liquor with the gentle fragrance of florals. The next time you're out for an easy drink early in the day (the bar opens at 3pm), bring a friend here to BOTAK. The Sweet Pea & Elderflower (RM48) makes a refreshing choice, blending un-aged whiskey with sweet peas, organic elderflower cordial and lime. If it's the cocktails on tap you're after, the Jasmine & Tarragon (RM38) makes a nice, sweet sip while also racking up points for pretty presentation. Food is not served here, but feel free to take your drink down with you to Chocha Foodstore.
Avg price per person: RM70
Photo by Burppler Trisha Toh