The world’s your oyster? Nah fam, not anymore. Not with this ‘rona lockdown. Many independent & chain restaurants have the option of turning to islandwide delivery to soften the clobbering their profit margins are taking, but club & hotel restaurants have no way of mitigating the absolute bodying they’re taking right now.⠀

It’s kinda sad, because certain dining establishments at clubs or hotels, such as @one15marina Latitude Bistro, dish out some truly titillating fare. Oyster Rockefellers may be seen as some to be so last century, but they’ll always have a preeminent place in my heart and in my stomach.⠀

Latitude Bistro’s oyster rockerfellers, which are actually a weird hybrid of oyster rockerfeller & oyster mornay, are absolutely ambrosial. A P H A T oyster swaddled in spinach, soaked in a ridiculously rich butter & herb sauce, and smothered with a beautiful blanket of golden brown melted cheese. Extremely exquisite doesn’t even begin to cover just how strikingly sumptuous these shellfish were, and you can take that to the bank.⠀

Great, now I’ve gone and done given myself a mighty craving I can’t quell until June. Congratulations, I played myself.