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Standing outside BAKE with an elaborate contraption of a paper box packed into a cheery yellow paper bag in hand, a weird feeling overcame me. Why am I holding half a dozen cheese tarts when I don’t really like cream cheese?! Well… It must be the power of the queue.

With my hopes bestowed onto these hyped treats, I was glad that I kept an open mind as these twice-baked pastries were pretty good. It was not overly rich as the creamy yet soufflé-like cheese filling cocooned in a buttery tart base, was slightly salty and sweet. One tart, four ways - you can also have them at room temperature, warmed, chilled or placed in the freezer for different experiences. I preferred it to be chilled as the texture of cheesy mousse reminded me of classic fluffy Japanese cheese cakes. However, was it worth the queue? A little on the pricey side as each goes for $3.50, I felt that they are worth a try if you are in the area but not over an hour’s wait, and I would have liked a thinner crust to complement.

My sister queue 30 mins for me, and I think it totally worth a the time.
Ruiyuan Alice hi!!! It is great that you enjoyed the tarts. If you are fond of gooey cheese tarts nijiro cafe's churro cheese tarts are pretty good too!! :)