We were puzzled when we were handed a pair plastic gloves when the dessert was served. Apparently, we were supposed to drop the chocolate dome onto the plate to break it open! We excitedly wore the gloves and playfully dropped the chocolate dome onto the plate. Upon impact, the chocolate scattered beautifully into large chocolate pieces and in the process revealing the other goodies (honeycombs, oreo bits, walnuts and popping candies!) that were hidden in the hollow dome. Due to the popping candies, your mouth will be filled with a crackling sensation as they start to pop, and this interesting addition definitely make the dish more interesting and fun to eat! Don’t forget to drizzle the caramel sauce and condensed milk shots served separately on the side for added sweetness~ This is probably the most memorable dessert experience we have ever encountered! Love how the cafe strives to create a dish that is not just delicious but also visually appealing and fun at the same time! Do come and experience it yourselves!