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... "Flame On!"
I sense shudders going down people's spines. ANYWAY, the actual name of the dish is Flame Brandy Chicken, which fully describes it:
1. The waitress doused the half chicken that was sitting on a mash potato bed with brandy - A LOT of brandy
2. She then whipped out a lighter, told me to get my camera ready, and set the dish ablaze
The flame of course was nowhere near to causing fowl play (here we go again), lasting a mere few seconds. I wish it had burned off more brandy, because the astringent or "siap siap" alcoholic taste was overpowering and affected the otherwise delicious meal.
Set meals here are super economical, costing $20 or less which includes soup and ice cream, and discounted prices for beverages and cakes. The big space here can accommodate huge parties, but the downside is that it's located in the secluded Kallang industrial area.