After being thoroughly impressed by the chicken in Populus' chicken rice donburi bowl previously, we decided to try out another of their fried chicken dishes: the Populus Fried Chicken Burger! The fried chicken was great as expected - not overly oily and retaining a generous crunch to it and most importantly, it was as large as the burger itself! 😁 The burger also came with a strip of crispy bacon, which made for a decadent burger lunch! The burger bread was buttered as well, which made it less plain than the burgers in most restaurants.

We paid an additional $3++ to upgrade the fries to truffle shoestring fries, and we were honestly surprised by the large serving of fries! The truffle fragrance was very obvious and the fries were coated in a generous serving of parmesan cheese as well! $21++ for this dish is a pretty reasonable price and is sure to be enough to fill your tummy, so do give it a go if you are not afraid of oil! 😁