2.58nett for 100g of anything. Rice is chargeable at 1nett

Small spicy is spicy enough. Most of the ingredients are cooked well, esp the crunchy cuttlefish. The pork ribs are abit tough. Noteworthy are the braised chicken feet, they were super well braised with deep flavours.

Not sure if it's cos of a choice of ingredients, but it seems to me even tho for any broth you can choose your spicy level, for the same spicy level the pork bone broth and the pork bone mala broth are fundamentally different. The PB mala has a perceptible peanut taste and was very good. Furthermore there's this very intense, familiar umami, possibly coming from a spice which I can't quite identify. Their broth is absolutely lovely and quite drinkable

No wonder they're so packed even on a Sunday lunch(when many students have gone home)

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