we got the bowl w steak n the other w PUlled pork~~ (7$ each afT burppppPppPpler!)

8/11 licia r8s; IT IS DAMN YUMZ luv the kale muShcrrom n steak blend n the egg all tGt was damn worTh w 141, tried a lil of ninGs the pullEd pork n it was suPz soft but still goT resistance u gets n was rly well marinated also! coffees grEEeAt! chill plaCe to be in too :~)

8.5/11 ningS r9s; lovovov d well seasoned pulled puRk !!!! suPr tender & didn’t think tht d avo wld go well w rICE ?? but it actl complements d disH p well hehe and can eat w d breD like croissant like thiNG ~ rly reccomD esp w burpple 1fur1 wah sibei wortH !!