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Tucked in a coffeeshop in Tiong Bahru, this humble little stall has been making waves with fabulous pasta served on old school kopitiam melamine plates. Made fresh daily by chef-owner, Chris, the simplicity of these pastas is deceiving. It's the kind of comfort food you wish you could have anytime, especially favourites such as the Premium Mac & Cheese with a good drizzle of truffle oil, the exceedingly fragrant and generously coated Basil Pesto, and the subtly flavoured Warm Bath — penne pasta with egg, French beans, anchovy butter. At just $7 and up, you can't fault the food here. Chris also whips up stunning desserts like Earl Grey Creme Brûlée and Chocolatey Chocolate Cake (at just $4!), which you should most certainly end your meal with. Oh, finish off by ordering a teh o from the drink stall uncle, of course. Come alone for a quick and delicious meal, or with a friend to share three plates maybe? ;)

Thank you your great support again!! Appreciate it! Cheers,chris