An industrial style cafe with disappointed food and service.

Parking is challenging at this area as they don't have designated parking space for customer. You might need to take a good 5mins walk depend on your luck on searching illegal roadside parking.

We wasn't greet by the staff when we entered the cafe, the ground floor seating was fully occupied so we head over to the first floor seating area. After we had seated for a few mins, one of the staff came over asked us to change our seat to ground floor as first floor is close ... =.= (We saw a table of diner just left from first floor when we arrive and a family with two young kids was running around at the first floor)

The tableware wasn't at it best condition with stain over the coffee cup and teaspoon. The chorizo bagel had too much spread to my liking that cause a soggy bagel (not to mention I had onion skin in my dish).

*Ants are crawling around the table and bite me several time🙄