This restaurant isn’t very transparent. Nowhere in the app states that we can only redeem only one deal. I understand that additional t&c by the restaurant may apply, but I still feel a disclaimer should have been placed. Plus, when I called the restaurant beforehand, I mentioned Burpple but they neglected to inform that only 1 deal can be redeemed per table. I came in a group and we feel cheated, forced to order ala carte at full price or go elsewhere. Food wise, we ate the roasted half chicken and pork chop. The roasted chicken was ok, the pork chop was pretty tough, both aren’t that good. Not coming back anymore.

Oh that sounds bad. Should feedback this to Burpple!
Yes, I went there late last year with 4 pax and encountered the same problem. And the food wasn't even good.
It happens to me and my family too!! We called to make reservation for a table for 4 n informed them we r using Burpple too. I refused to be held in ransom n go elsewhere to eat instead.