Most will be familiar with @aliceboulangeriesg 's quality desserts, but their range of speciality drinks are very much worth travelling half of Singapore for 😍

Their Alice Cream Coffee ($7.50) consists of milk, espresso and their speciality whipped cream. I must say, their rendition tastes the closest to the einspanner coffee I've had in South Korea, just that the coffee is slightly milder. The cream has a similar consistency, sweetness and richness! This is one beautiful dessert coffee to sip the afternoon away.

Alice's Iced Orange Espresso ($7.50) is for the people who love something more refreshing. Give it a little mix, and the orange juice adds a sweet tangy citrus flavour to the coffee, which is very much appreciated considering how hot Singapore weather is now! The cream on top just makes it slightly richer, which makes it such a wholesome drink! Squeeze the orange on the cream for added citrus flavour 😍

As for dessert, we got the Yuzu Apple Tart ($12) which was absolutely splendid. The tart crust itself was the winner for me, as it was so fresh and crisp, with a beautiful buttery flavour. The Yuzu flavours weren't too overpowering and not too sour either. With a great contrast of textures, this is one good dessert to share!

Can't wait to be back to try more of their drinks 😍