I was intrigued after seeing @renztan post about her favourite hawker for roast duck being resurrected, so when I found myself in the area, it was a no-brainer to pop by People’s Park Food Centre to give Toh Kee Roast Meat (stall #01-1016) a try.
Ordered the roast duck, “sio bak” and char siew. All were good with the first two meats being my preferred, and the super juicy and crunchy-skinned roasted pork belly edging out the duck for number one position. This stall does not do sliced cucumbers or sweet sauces. Instead, they scatter some nutty boiled yellow beans (which I love) over the meats, and serve a bowl of runny, savoury dark sauce alongside (it is recommended to be splashed on your rice).
I was told by Sky, grandson of the founder of the now-defunct Toh Kee Roasted Duck stall (note the small name change due to the expanded offering), that he uses the same recipe for his duck. Since I have never had the original, I am unable to draw a comparison but it was tasty (breast meat could have been tenderer though). Enjoyed it most when paired with their customised plum sauce.