I love uni. I'm on team uni all the way. So when @unigallerysg opened up, I was eagerly looking forward to trying it out. And yes I finally found a lobang so decided to go for it because I #neverpayfullprice

We got the bara uni ikura chirashi lunch set that comes with salad, miso soup, and green tea for $39.90++. We got the uni mentaiko pasta which sadly only comes a la carte for $38++. We decided to get some appetisers because #GREEDY. We tried the shirako (sea bream milt aka LE SPERM GLAND) for $23++ because the monkfish liver was not available. We also got 2 portions of shiro uni for $55++ thanks to @ladyironchef's 1 for 1 uni deal. #dontsayibojio

The shiro uni was nice and creamy and had a stronger briney flavour compared to the bafun uni I got for my bara uni ikura chirashi lunch set ($39.90++). I would order again if not for the price because my heart pain since one portion is only 30g.

My fave dish was the shirako but the flavour was amazing and the texture was delicate. It felt like eating a giant ikura, slightly tough exterior yet smooth and slightly creamy once you pop it in your mouth (the euphemisms never end). Yes, 100% must order when you visit this place.

Chirashi was really good because you can't go wrong with ikura and uni. The anchovies were a great addition. Added a crunchy and umami element to the dish. I wish they put more! It really enhanced the chirashi don. Really clever.

Sadly, the pasta dish was the most disappointing. Entire pasta tasted bland and hardly any mentaiko flavour at all. The uni portion appears similar to the chirashi but failed to shine in this pasta even with the almost-not-there mentaiko. I would avoid this. Stick with the chirashi.

Overall, the damage was close to $200. Was it worth it? Well, maybe not, but as a once in a while treat, I can somewhat justify it. #UniGallery also has its own loyalty scheme where you get 5% cashback to use for your next visit. And you get another 5% cashback when you use Fave Pay so you could potentially get 10% off. Luckily there was a Fave Pay promo code DOZEN for payments over $60 so I got $12 cashback too. So yup, pretty sweet! #burpple