From Chuan Hung, opened by the same folks behind 51Soho next door which also brought us Halcyon & Crane and Birds of a Feather.

Opted for the mixed broth; a mix of the red and clear soup bases and also went for the noodles for this order. The noodles came with a good bite, while the mixed broth came pretty fragrant; a faint Mala broth that carries ample flavour despite giving that slight numbing sensation and a little heat to tingle the tastebuds — a level which should work fine for those who are tolerable to moderate levels of spiciness. Whilst not being a fan of innards, the Braised Pig Intestines were absolutely clean; void of any undesirable stench whilst being chewy and juicy — very delicious even for one who is not that all open to innards in his dishes. A very good place to bring someone for their very first try on authentic Chinese cuisine; would certainly consider this as a dining spot if I were to be in the area craving for a comforting bowl of Chinese noodles.