Vietnamese food from Little Vietnam Restaurant at Guillemard Road!

This is my second revisit after almost 10 years! They have a super extensive menu! But the below items are our typical orders at any vietnamese restaurant:

Pho Ga (chicken meat with flat noodles) ($6.50): Chicken pho is my favourite! Enjoyed this soup very much! It is more of the herbal kind of soup instead of the peppery kind. But the chicken meat was thick cut and kinda tough.

Bun Thit Nuong (grilled pork chop on fresh vegetables and rice vermicelli) ($7.50): One serving of the buncha vermicelli sauce was not enough and we asked for a second serving! The grilled pork chop was nice, but overall this dish was slightly dry for me. Would also have preferred if they have a bun cha bowl that has both grilled porkchop and some fried spring rolls! Best combination!