Second meal out last weekend since the easing of P3HA, at one of my favorite place! This is the first time we’ve dined in here (been ordering delivery the past few times) and I think it travels quite well.

Decided to try Bakwan Kepiting ($7) which was a simple soup with minced meat/crabmeat meatballs - while the soup was comforting, I wasn’t a fan of the meatballs as the porky taste was pretty strong. Also ordered Gado Gado ($12), Otak Otak (a tad pricey at $4 a piece); and tried the curry vegetables - which I absolutely loved! Lemak and not overly spicy for that right amount of enjoyment. And of course we had to get the Ayam Panggang “Blue Ginger”. We also had Beef Rendang and Sotong Keluak to go - was damn good too! 😋

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