A bit overpriced for some of the items, but some hits for me. Love the waffle (not in picture) and I'm not a waffle person to begin with and the brioche too. Garlic fries were interesting but appeared as sides on a few other mains and so, I wished our server could have told us then we wouldn't have ordered another side of that (and yes, we didn't finish coz there's just too much fries). Think their egg Ben, egg royale and egg mushrooms are okay @ $19 but I'm biased coz I love my poached eggs with brioche so this combo works for me. Too stuffed to try their hand made ice cream but their chocolate tart @ $15 is too ex and not worth (coz I've had better) in my books. If I do ever come back, it's for the waffle ice cream and brioche whatever something something. Brunch menu only on Sat and Sun.