Ravioles de Royans is a french dumpling pasta; Each dumpling pasta is filled with rich Tête de Moine cheese 🧀 then it’s coated with a savoury creamy sauce & finished off with a drizzle of chive 🌿 oil, plus spinach‼️ Very flavourful & creamy😋 The pasta dough to cheese 🫕 ratio is just perfect for me!👍🏻 I got the small portion to share & it was sufficient😉 Best eaten while warm 🔥 because it can get a little heavy on the palate;)))

If you’re feelin bougie😎, go for @mercimarcel Ravioles de Royans with foie gras emulsion « orchard branch »🙈

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~ Ravioles de Royans $20

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