The Short Review

Price Range: $5-$11

Nearest MRT: Kent Ridge

Instagrammability: Moderate -
Previously occupied by Bing Bing, the space is buttered with yellow light, which is conducive for study pods but not so much for the gram.

1) All Day Breakfast [$7.00]
She chose Garlic Bread [$1.50], which was fragrantly garlicky but had the textural resolve of an ISIS militant; Mac & Cheese [$3.00], a squishy mound that's just okay; and Portobello Mushrooms [$2.50], which was aggressively salty.

2) All Day Breakfast [$10.50]
I chose Scrambled Eggs [$3.00], for the same price at Atlas Coffeehouse LOL; the same salty-inked Portobello Mushrooms [$2.50] and a very decent Waffle with Plain Honey [$5.00].

For 5 bucks, the waffle's actually quite good. Don't bother with the Truffled Honey version, which is distractingly overpowered.

No further student discount, unless you salaciously engage in the proverbial buttering of buns.

Come Here: Never (only buy waffles!).