The ladies at @brandcellar PR agency kindly organised for me a dinner delivery from their client, Taste Paradise, a stalwart choice for Cantonese Cuisine in Singapore. The Set B for 4 pax ($198) was what I received and it comprised of:

1. 经典XO酱萝卜糕 Classic XO Carrot Cake - I dare say theirs is one of the best renditions I’ve eaten. It is fried with a plentiful amount of egg, beansprouts and “chye por”, and packs a fearless kick of umami spiciness.

2. 鲍鱼焖鸡煲 Braised Abalone and Chicken - The sauce was balanced and tasty, and the chicken, abalone, mushrooms and capsicum were cooked just right.

3. 鲜芦笋炒虾球 Stir-fried Prawns with Asparagus - This dish is a favourite of my family’s and Taste Paradise did it impeccably with very fresh ingredients.

4. 瑶柱蛋白炒饭 Fried Rice with Conpoy and Silken Egg White - After the Classic XO Carrot Cake, this was my second favourite from the spread. Very well fried with a generous amount of egg white, the rice was exceedingly fragrant in “wok hei”.

5. 浓汤浸奶白菜 Poached Chinese Cabbage in Superior Broth - Who wouldn’t appreciate more vegetables, especially when it’s so deliciously cooked.

Between 1st May and 1st June 2020, the @paradisegrpsg is offering very attractive deals across its stable of brands. Just tap on the link in their bio to order from Taste Paradise, Beauty In A Pot, Paradise Teochew and more.