For solid ice cream flavours and light airy waffles, Apiary is still the place to be. Hence, my foolproof after-dinner treat consisted of their classic plain brown butter waffle ($6) and scoops of their premium flavour ($7/ double) - Apiary and Despicable.

A flavour that I didn’t quite like initially but had a change of heart recently after sampling some from my friend’s order, their namesake and best-seller, Apiary is really lovely. Great for those who enjoy something simple and not too sweet - the distinct taste of the wildflower honey with its gentle floral notes complementing the milky, slightly vanilla-y, creaminess of the ice cream. The bits of cacao nibs added some oomph too with the texture and bittersweetness.

The scoop of Despicable, on the other hand, was rather sweet. With toasted walnuts and chunks of house-made brownie folded into the smooth fresh banana ice cream, the flavour was fun and rich - thanks to baked confection. Paired perfectly together, the aromatic yet light batter of the waffle helps counter the sweetness of the ice cream, in my opinion.

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