Comes with:
4 Chouquettes
2 Scones
2 Financiers
4 Mini Madeleines
3 Regular Éclairs
1 Beverage Per Person

This set doesn’t need prior reservation, Chouquettes were sold out that day so they replaced it with Financiers. No complains though cause the Financiers did stood out amongst the rest. Scones, mini madeleines were acceptable, tasted above average. For Éclairs we ordered Pistachio, Salted Caramel and Lyechee White Peach. It good a good size for sharing so it wouldn’t be cloying. There wasn’t scrimping on the ingredients, definitely of quality. Ordered more tea because the portion included wasn’t enough for both of us.

What really made an impression was the Chicken & Bacon Pie 🥧 ! The outer pastry skin has its own mild taste and in it lay a ton of fillings, and after the first bite I just want more. The price is well worth it and I can see why its their popular item! Must try, must have.