Situated in the same space as SAMA Curry & Cafe at Plaza Singapura, Tokichi Tontaro serves up a few variants of Buta Don including this one — almost all of the Buta Don here comes with USA Pork; the only exception is the Premium Buta Don that uses Japanese Pork instead. All Buta Dons are served in three sizes; small, regular and large, and each set comes with Miso Soup and Japanese Pickles by default. Other options such as Yakitori Don and Salmon Don are available on the menu, while sides for sharing are also available.

Not really much of a fan of the Buta Don here; the Spicy Tomato variant doesn’t really come glazed with the sauce but the sauce comes strangely as a dipping sauce on the side. That being said, this variant does come with pepper sprinkled atop as opposed to the Regular Buta Don (aka the original flavour). While rice is pearly and carries a good texture, the pork can be said as a little tough and not quite as smoky nor flavourful as expected. The Spicy Tomato dip carries a similar profile to ketchup with a tinge of spiciness added to it for that kick, coming with a familiar hint of sweetness that is signature to ketchup — the spiciness doesn’t really quite add up when had wit the slices of pork which already comes seasoned with pepper, while the sauce itself do not seem particularly fitting with the rice either. Overall, not something that I found particularly unpleasant, but it is still something I will probably give a miss.