In theory, @ashessgburnnit Pulled Brisket Burger is pure perfection. At $6.90 (nice) for the regular, and $9.40 nett for double the beefy brisket bliss, this is a brilliant bargain. The Australian beef brisket is braised in what is probably a marvellous mirepoix for twenty four hours, which is why all that’s needed for it to fall apart are these hands. That’s right, no knife or fork needed to pull the brisket apart, only hands.⠀

The salty, rich & unforgettably umami brisket is heaped into a ponderous pile on a leaf of lettuce, which itself is perched upon the bottom half of a charcoal burger bun. A quick drizzling of Ashes’ ‘signature sauce’, which seems to be a cheese sauce, is the last element that goes on the burger before the top half of the bun caps it all off. Supported by a side of French fries that can be upgraded to either cheese or truffle fries, and it’s ready for showtime.⠀

However, in practice, it definitely did not go according to plan. The scintillatingly savoury & tender beef brisket was so maddeningly moist & saucy that the bottom bun was disintegrating on its own. The protective barrier that was supposed to be the lettuce was definitively breached by the deluge of glorious gravy from the brisket, and the bun was absolutely no match. Another persistent problem was the lack of a backstop. Every time I took a gargantuan gnaw of the tasty burger, a cascade of brisket would blow out her back.⠀

Forget the knife, this is definitely a fork & spoon affair. Unless Ashes manage to find a way to fortify the burger buns from the onslaught of the saucy beef, this burger is probably better when deconstructed into its delicious components. Perhaps stuffing it all into a bun that isn’t sliced all the way through is a start, so that there’s a burger pocket to trap all the brisket that’s attempting a prison break from my jaw.

Still undeniably unctuous though, and it’s a hell of a tasty burger in my books.

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