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🤤So many ice cream parlors popping up everywhere, but Sunday Folks is still the most reliable one-stop shop for legit waffles and soft serve!! They’ve switched up the menu a little and changed the toppings that come with their signature waffles; the refreshingly light & floral✨Earl grey lavender now comes with peanut biscotti and strawberry slices which add to the whole assemblage of au naturale sweetness😍 Their ✨pistachio soft serve is as rich and earthy as ever, but I’m not too sure about pairing it with speculoos biscuits...carrying its own flavor, the latter inevitably masks the subtle yet characteristic nuttiness that we know and love. Still, the thought put into each and every plate (did u notice the charcoal biscuit which prevents the waffles from getting soggy?!? CUZ I DID!) is worthy of praise, ensuring you’ll leave with your dessert cravings sated!!
~$12 each, sorry cant remember!!

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