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Tucked in an inconspicuous corner of the confusing Suntec City, Pasta Supremo serves a masterpiece called Supremo Porky Marinara ($14). Let’s talk about the pasta sauce first. It’s a East-meet-West marinara sauce that’s sinfully and deliciously adorned with pork lards, giving a crackling and tasty bite. Yet not overly oily or heavy. The bacon and meatballs are in generous portions and are perfect with the topped parmesan cheese.
Pro tip: Burpple Beyond has 1 for 1 promotion for this. What a deal.
By the way, I was not exaggerating when I said this dish can save Suntec. My direction-challenged friend got lost in Suntec and swore she wouldn’t be back. But after this dish, she said she would be back. #truestory