A little eatery in the corner of Serangoon Gardens that I frequent. They don't accept reservations, so be sure to go early if you want to dine there if you want to avoid queues during peak hours. Service is good and staff are always polite.

Featured above is the Abalone Cheese Beehoon ($14.90) that is on a 1-for-1 promotion till 31 March. They frequently have similar promotions for their Cheese Beehoon menu that is only available for dine-in. The broth of these have a sweet-savory, milky taste and is loaded with a ton of ingredients like prawns, scallops and meatballs.

So far, these are the dishes I have tried and tasted and would recommend:

1.) Tuckshop Rice ($1.90)
A little rice bowl with egg, fried pork bits and some seasoning to wet your appetite.
2.) Yong Tau Fu ($5.90)
The eatery is under the family umbrella of BaiNian group that is famous for YTF. So you know what's up.
3.) Pork Wrap ($9.90)
These are heavily seasoned so be aware that its on the saltier side, but great for sharing. They are very well seasoned though, and I didn't the dish super value for money. It comes with an outstanding Thai chilli too. The 3 pork strips have to be cut yourself so they provide ✂️. I bring my mom who loves Korean BBQ for this often because the Korean eatery a few shops down the road is overpriced af
4.) Beef/ Pork Don ($12.90)
This is a giant tuckshop rice with tender slices of meat generously laden atop pearl rice.
5.) Fruit Tea ($7.90)
This is a beverage recommendation because I feel like it's really worth paying for. Comes in a glass teapot and four teacups, and is refillable for sharing. This tea isn't too sour, and is more like a citrusy fruit drink but with subtle hints of other fruit on your palette.

There are misses in the menu I have had before but overall I think the menu is pretty well-put together and is worth a try!

Update (21/5): Pork Don has been removed from the menu last I visited. Rather sad news for me because I don't consume beef.