I’ve been coming down here a couple more times over the last few days, and oh boy, it’s a lot of fun. This bulgogi beef + cheese + fries set is part of their special $5.30 promo menu, and honestly a really disgustingly good deal for the price. The sandwich was cheesy, savoury and had a huge helping of beef, and the fries were, I think, kimchi seasoned? Either way, very delicious and extremely worth it.

I don’t know how long more this menu will be here, since it’s for National Day, but I would highly rec trying the sandwiches at least! I did try the doenjang jjigae a couple of days back, and unfortunately that wasn’t so hot - a little less tofu than I’d like, and they actually missed out adding the rice. Luckily I was actually at the place, so could just ask for it.

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