Heard alot about their roasted potatoes and decided to order some mains that have them as sides! We got the Cheese Quesadillas ($18 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond) and added prawns ($5) in them. The Quesadilla were indeed full of cheese and it was an interesting touch as they were seasoned with I believe Indian spices. The prawns were fresh and plump! They gave a variety of sides and sauces which were good complements to the dish.

Now to the roast potatoes. I must say they were indeed creamy within with a good crust formed by the skin. Nicely seasoned with salt and pepper too! Not really mind blowingly good but it's definitely some good potato sides.

As for the Fish & Chips ($18 1 for 1 with #burpplebeyond), the fish is definitely meaty with a good flavour, but the batter is really hard. Definitely a pity.

We had the 2 for $12 alcohol promotion as well. The prosecco was alright but it was really small. The gin & tonic was stale and was very much watered down.

Had mixed feelings about the place, including the service as it was confusing. The waiter accidentally spilled one of the sides and didn't replace it until I asked. After getting the sides he stood there looking at me. Not sure what he wanted.