We pre-ordered Botan ebi, Akagai and oysters. 👍👍👍 all 3 were big and fat. Sashimi platter was $98 Akagai was $18/- We'd 6. Fresh oyster $24/dozen
US prime rib was OK only. $59
Mango and prawns maki was unique 👍$20
Soft shell crab maki was OK $18
We'd Pitan tofu too, gotta pre-order. Their Pitan sauce is slightly spicy 👍$3
Laksa Ramen was not spicy like real laksa. Spicy level is Japanese. Nice. $18
We requested for chef to use the Botan ebi heads to make broth and make udon soup
👍👍 $10
Baked oysters were yummy 👍👍 I think it was charged at $5/- extra on top of oysters for baking
Their beer is very nice, soothing.
Total bill: $533

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