The place was fully packed with diners with some still on the list waiting for empty seats. Frisky Goat is a typical hipster designed cafe, decorated with everything that looks nice then mashed into one place without any clear direction.

I was recommended the Loaded Omelette (RM18.90 exclusive of GST and service charge), so I did had one. It is a huge omelette, half the size of the plate, with diced tomatoes, onions, mushroom, generous amount of mozzarella and parmesan cheese and my choice of beef bacon.

The omelette was indeed buttery and fluffy even though I still feel some air pockets inside the omelette. But nevermind, because I like the mushroom aftertaste in every bite that I had. I can strongly tasted the parmesan cheese and the gooey mozzarella cheese when I cut out my omelette onto my buttered toast! The salad was okay, but a light vinaigrette would make it even nicer!

This omelette is truly loaded with butter, cheese, and happiness!