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Instead, this is a snapshot of our meal there last night.

It started with the garlic bread: butter-like-confit garlic, and good bread from the pizza dough. Possibly the best dish of the night! Only MYR 5 for a lovely bun-flatbread-thing that's akin to a very airy calzone. Value meal. Oh, we also had a salad of spinach, rocket and pomegranate though it's not recommended. Very sweet.

The margherita was promising. Thin crust, with an alright chew and saltiness. Not the most airy or springy of crusts, but hey, Klang Valley has seen a lot worse. The ingredients were okay for the price. I mean, to be fair, this is MYR 26 for a Margherita, which is pretty damn affordable. Props for that. The buffalo mozzarrella was okay, but the shaved cheese on top was unnecessary and made it too salty - and not in the ways the best pizzas are. There's no salt punch coating the pie, or rising from within a warm crust. The tomatoes were alright: flavours were concentrated since they weren't obscenely drenched like Dihy- er, I mean like authentic Neapolitan pizzas. Overall, not bad.

Then came the 'carbonara' pizza.

We returned the first one because it was burnt to a crisp around the cornicione. Just straight up burnt. Even biting into the middle led to a mouthful of cancer. So we got a second one that...was less burnt but somehow much harder and dryer. Think flatbread and biscuits. I folded a slice in half and it snapped into two pieces. And to be honest, the first burnt pizza tasted even better! This one was just dry and uninspired. Also, never been a fan of beef bacon.

Anyway, not going to judge this one too harshly. The place is gorgeous, the heart seems to be in the right place, and plenty of pizzerias have struggled with getting to grips with their wood-fired ovens. I hope Pizza Mansion finds their way. There's promise and potential, and it's nice to see a pizzeria that isn't too prohibitively expensive. Would be even better if they can get a wine menu up.

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