Exceptionally soft and pillowy swiss rolls that were too cute to eat, dairyandcream 's Fuwa Fuwa and Toto Rolls were also too good to resist. Starting with the original Fuwa Fuwa Roll, the vanilla custard cream core was the bomb with tiny specks of Madagascar vanilla visible in the flowy custard and double the fun was the airy Hokkaido milk cream. Mmmm…. pleasant hit of milkiness and sweetness in every forkful.

And for em’ matcha lovers, the Toto Roll (not available now, but patiently awaiting their comeback) was yum-mehhh! The luscious bittersweet cream paired with the fluffy matcha sponge was 10/10. Great individually, the elements were even better together in a toothsome roll! Oh and of course, loving the chocolate drawn faces for the aesthetics and taste~