I always underestimate how full I end up after eating Grain Bowls.. This was no exception. Although the selection wasn't very extensive (there were some things that were unavailable), I managed to pick out some stuff to make a good bowl 😉

Prices are pretty decent for healthy eating:
Veg Lite ($11) - 1 Base, 0 Meat, 3 Veg, 2 Toppings
Super Balanced ($13) - 1 Base, 1 Meat, 2 Veg, 2 Toppings
Carb Load ($15) - 2 Base, 1 Meat, 2 Veg, 2 Toppings
Protein Rich ‎($19) - 1 Base, 2 Meat, 2 Veg, 2 Toppings

If these are too much for you, you can order their Petit Meals:
$5 for Base + 2 Veg
$7 for Base + 1 Veg + 1 Meat
(Each meal uses 1/2 servings & comes with 1 Topping.)

Ordered 2 Super Balanced bowls:
Sweet Potato, Beef, Mushrooms, Wild Rocket, Black Olives, Chickpeas;

Multi Grain Rice, Salmon, Pumpkin, Mushrooms, Corn Kernels, Dried Shallots.

Obviously I'm only gonna talk about the ingredients that are outstanding either in a good or bad way. Do you really expect me to review the Dried Shallots & Corn? 😂 Fortunately, nothing was outstandingly bad!

Multi Grain Rice is THE BOMB. I love the bits of barley inside the brown rice. I was skeptical at first about the texture but it wasn't soggy nor hard - it was perfect. & crazy filling, too.

Sweet Potato was also perfectly cooked, & sweet enough to make me happy 😊

The meat were also great - the Beef was tender & flavourful without being salty. The Salmon moist on the inside & fork tender. Loved them both 😍

You can get your meals to go or dine in - I do like the space they have (air-conditioning is rather cold) so I'd like to dine here again.

The Oxtail soup was raved about by the friendly waitresses (who also patiently answered our questions), but even though we marked it on our order sheet, they overlooked it. Ended up having to re-order, which they warned us we'd have to wait 20+ minutes for us to defrost a new bag of soup. It was tasty, but very small in quantity - it filled up only half the paper cup it was served in. For $5, that's very expensive.... Doubt I'd order it again. & I also forgot to take a photo of it. Hahaha.

💳 Accepts credit cards
🌬 Air-conditioned seats only
🚫 No WiFi
🙋 No service charge or GST