(Part 3/5)
- All prices are EXCLUSIVE of 10% service charge
- Will not be rating the price as I have no comparison when it comes to Turkish Cuisine

Beyti Kebab ($17.90++)
- 6 pieces of Grilled minced beef & lamb wrapped in Lavash (A soft thin unleavened flatbread made within a tandoor) within a mixture of cold greek yoghurt and warm tomato sauce
A very interesting dish where many different basic flavours are combined together. As the greek yoghurt on its own is not strong in flavour and only slightly sour, when combined with the warm tomato sauce it definitely elevated the sauce by adding a creamy texture but the flavour profile was overwhelmingly tangy due to the strong tomato flavour and sourish greek yoghurt. The lamb & beef wrapped in the bread tasted slightly similar to the Pide I had earlier except that this was definitely more meaty and the taste of the lamb was more muted, probably due to it being drenched in the tomato sauce and greek yoghurt mixture. Personally, I do not quite like this dish as after awhile, the flavours seemed quite flat and one-dimensional but I do appreciate the natural and fresh ingredients used.
Taste: 6/10