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Apparently they fry it with charcoal fire. Which explains why the smokiness is off the charts; the intense wok hei was immediately apparent from my first bite. Well, that and the billowing clouds of smoke that constantly streamed out of the kopitiam.
Apart from its deep smokey profile, the stock was also super robust which gave it a rich flavourfulness that only the top hokkien mees can boast of. It's the wet type, but not overly moist IMO (if you eat it fresh and hot), as every strand of perfeclty-fried bouncy noodle was well coated with an ample amount of the stock.
The sambal chili was maybe too sweet but it still gave a nice kick and helped cut through the heaviness. But aside from this, Swee Guan's rendition is crazy good and easily top 3 in SG for me.

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