I celebrated my friend Angeline’s birthday belatedly at the @nakedfinn yesterday. We had a lovely time catching up and feasting on delectable treasures from the sea prepared and presented in the restaurant’s simple-in-appearance but mindfully-developed style.
What draws me here is their curation of seafood, and the emphasis on its provenance. For eg. the Blue Cod featured in their Teochew-style #FishSoup ($35++) is a specie from New Zealand that cannot survive in polluted waters. So there is no doubting the quality of the line-caught ones used here. Angeline and I loved the rich soup, an opaque liquid that takes 5 hours to brew, in which 35gms of the fish came in, along with deep-fried yam, tofu, Chinese cabbage and baby tomatoes. We also scooped the rice served on the side into the soup to enjoy as a comforting porridge.

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